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Is your child struggling at school?

Are they finding it hard to learn to read and write?

The INPP neurodevelopment programme can help.

Does your child have learning difficulties?

Do they struggle with balance or coordination?


If your child is experiencing difficulties at school you may be aware something is not quite right; maybe you have noticed a difficulty or slowness in learning to read or write; maybe your child has behavioural problems at school or is underachieving; maybe you have noticed them struggle with balance or hand-eye coordination or learning to swim or ride a bike. Or maybe your child is already on the school’s SEN (special educational needs) register, with a diagnosis of dyslexia, developmental coordination disorder (dyspraxia), ADD or ADHD.

Reflex Reset can help to identify whether their issues stem from a delay in neurodevelopment, called neuromotor immaturity. There can be many reasons why this has happened through no-one’s fault, maybe through difficulties in the pregnancy or birth, or during the child’s early years. This can be easily identified by assessing for retained reflexes. If a delay is identified, because primitive reflexes have been retained, or postural reflexes are underdeveloped, then help is at hand! An individualised exercise programme targets specific reflexes, and gives the brain a chance to catch up, meaning ultimately that the child should experience fewer symptoms related to their difficulties and can finally engage in their schooling more easily. This is a specific neurodevelopment programme for retained reflexes.
Click on Signs’ to find out what symptoms we may be able to help with. If the issue is ‘Auditory Processing, please click on this page for more information. If you already know that INPP can help your child, please complete and submit the ‘Questionnaire and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.